Resident Program Application

Dear Prospective Tenant.

We are happy you have become aware of the Concho Valley Turning Point program and are interested in learning more about us! First and foremost. CVTP is a Christ centered program, and everything about CVTP is meant to help others live bless lives and glorify Jesus. CVTP has a variety of groups and studies throughout the week that is open to all who wish to attend. We offer temporary transitional housing (The CVTP Resident Program) for women who are looking for a place to get on their feet in a Christ-Centered, drug and alcohol-free environment. We want The CVTP Resident Program to be a Sanctuary (A place of physical safety and spiritual growth) for the women who live here. The CVTP Resident Program guidelines are meant to ensure that The CVTP Resident Program remains a Sanctuary, and we have found that women who are serious about building a new life in Christ have no trouble following these guidelines. Violation of any of the guidelines may result in Immediate removal from the CVTP resident program. San Angelo offers a variety of more traditional halfway houses and sober houses for anyone who is not interested in a Christ-Centered experience. We have limited room in The CVTP Resident Program and we want every resident here to be here because this is exactly where they want to be, and because Christ is exactly Who they want to serve! If CVTP sounds like the place you are looking for, then please complete the application and send it in for review by the CVTP housing team. We will respond back either by phone, email, or US postal service after review and let you know if you qualify for an interview with our Housing Team. If for whatever reason you are not accepted into The CVTP Resident Program, but you do end up in San Angelo, we pray you still come to join our groups and get plugged into what God is doing at Concho Valley Turning Point!

May God Bless You Abundantly.
Maria Angelina Mejia Executive Director
(210) 887-4671
Keegen Crane Assistant Director
(325) 658-1389 - Office

Please Answer the Following Honestly: A negative answer will probably not disqualify you, but a dishonest answer most certainly will.

(Due to our proximity to a high school, CVTP is unable to accept anyone convicted of a sex offense)

The CVTP Resident Program
The CVTP Apartment Complex is a FEMALE ONLY facility. If you are approved for the CVTP Resident Program (Hereafter referred to as “The Program”), you understand that CVTP is a Christ-Centered Sanctuary where you can learn, grow, and get on your feet surrounded by positive, like-minded individuals. You understand that The Program will be your temporary home, and you agree to help keep your home free from Drugs and Alcohol. CVTP has a Zero Tolerance Policy, and you will be subject to Random Drug and Alcohol Testing at least once a month. Refusal to submit to testing will result in immediate eviction. The CVTP Resident Program is a six (6) month program. Residents are evaluated weekly to determine if they will be allowed to remain in The Program for the full six months. After six months, Residents may request an extension if needed. The CVTP Team works with each individual Resident and will determine if the Resident qualifies for an extension. The cost of The CVTP Resident Program is $125.00 per week. Your first payment will be due on the 7th day after you enter The Program. Program Fees cover housing, electric (75.00 max), water, & trash pickup. Cable, internet, and phone are not provided and will be at the Resident’s expense if he wishes to have these services installed. Program Fees are due on a weekly basis and must be paid by money order and delivered to a member of the CVTP Staff. If a Resident will be late paying Program Fees, she must contact The Program Director or Assistant Director and explain why. If a Resident becomes more than $400 past due on Program Fees, she will be evicted from The Program. Our Apartments are equipped for two tenants per room. If approved for The CVTP Resident Program, a Resident Program Agreement shall be executed by both Parties. Please be aware the premises are monitored 24/7 by security cameras and on-site staff.

Check each item to confirm you agree to the guidlines.
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