Concho Valley Turning Point Success Stories

Brittany & Patrick’s Story

Every couple has their own love story, this one is Patrick and Brittany’s

Brittany & Patrick’s Story

If you would have told either of us 3 years ago our life would be what it is today, we wouldn’t have believed you. Not for one second. Both of us discharging TDC in May of 2020 (2 days apart) to a halfway house located in Odessa, Texas (Obviously not the same one since they’re not co-ed). We both started working as soon as the orientation phase was over, and picked up a job at a local fast-food restaurant (Stars). Both of us being repeat offenders we had to complete 90 days at the halfway house, instead of the 60 days that first-time offenders have to do.

Our days were spent taking classes at the halfway house, and our nights consisted of working at the restaurant. We started out just conversating about life and what led us to prison.

It didn’t take long to realize our lives and upbringing were completely different. Something clicked though and the days soon turned to weeks and weeks turned to our discharge dates. By this time we had already started our relationship, and working on ways to put our plans in motion. Doors began to open and everything just fell into place perfectly. This was our sign to take off and run with it. Nothing in life ever comes this easy, but for us this one thing did. We were discharged from the halfway house 2 days apart, and within 2 weeks of being home, we were married.

Now almost 2 years later we have a new baby and have regained custody of our daughter. We attend Winners’ Circle every Monday as a family, Our 11-year-old looks forward to our Monday nights spent in class, and our baby enjoys all the love and attention she gets. Concho Valley Turning Point and the Monday night Winners’ Circle group has become a part of our family, We feel very strongly about this group and what it stands for. The preparation put into each group is a sure sign of the love and dedication that Concho Valley Turning Point has to offer. We’re living proof that there is hope after dope!! Here we are rocking this sober life as full-time employees, soccer mom/dad, full participants in school functions, and productive members of society.

Now it’s my turn. Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m a winner! My wife has said enough about us and the impact Turning Point, has had on our family. I’m going to try and tell you how. I have been to treatment, it doesn’t define who I am now. Winners’ Circle taught me I was worthy of being a winner!

Thank you Concho Valley Turning Point for all the guidance and support you have given our family!